The Southeast Permanente Medical Group

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group is an integral part of Kaiser Permanente. Our physicians can coordinate virtually every aspect of patient care - from referrals to laboratory tests to medications. With everything under one umbrella, our patients receive the highest continuity of care.

Margaret Kottke, MD, named Chief of Dermatology

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group is pleased to announce that Margaret Kottke, MD has been named as our new Chief of Dermatology. She takes over the role previously held by John Strickler, MD, who stepped away to concentrate on his clinical responsibilities and his leadership role as our Physician Director of Procedural Specialties.

Dr. Kottke is very enthusiastic and brings an analytical and measured approach to her well thought out plans.  She is excited to take on this role and I have no doubt she will thrive in this position.

Dr. Kottke received her medical degree from the Emory University School of Medicine, where she also completed her residency in Dermatology. She joined TSPMG in 2008 and currently sees patients in the Gwinnett and Crescent Centre MOBs.

Please join us in welcoming Margaret to her new role.




Kaiser Permanente Unveils Its New Mobile Health Vehicle at Event Serving the City of Atlanta Sanitation Workers

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined the health care organization for a ribbon cutting ceremony

ATLANTA, January 17, 2017 — If your excuse for not getting an annual physical or flu shot is that you cannot find the time to get to the doctor’s office, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has a solution—a new mobile health vehicle that can roll right up to your place of work. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined Kaiser Permanente’s top leaders Tuesday to unveil the “clinic on wheels” at an event serving employees in the city’s Department of Public Works.


“Every day, we see these men and women moving through the city—often on the back of a truck—providing vital services to help keep our city clean, so we wanted to bring our new mobile health vehicle to their truck yard and provide health screenings at no charge,” said Jim Simpson, interim president of Kaiser Permanente of Georgia. “Our mobile health vehicle is unique in that it will split its time between metro Atlanta employers, helping to support their wellness goals, and community events serving people who have limited access to care.”


The mobile health vehicle, which features two exams rooms and a handicap-accessible bathroom, can provide a wide range of primary care services. Onboard, patients can receive a biometric screening for blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body mass index and cholesterol levels, in addition to health coaching and immunizations.


“I want to thank Kaiser Permanente of Georgia for partnering to provide our employees with greater access to essential services through this state-of-the-art mobile health care facility,” said Mayor Reed. “In 2012, my administration launched ‘A Healthier You’ initiative with a goal to expand the City’s focus on employee health and wellness. The new Mobile Health Vehicle helps us reach our goals by making it easier and more convenient for employees to get the care they need.”


“We believe in the power of preventive medicine at Kaiser Permanente, so we are always looking for new ways to connect with our members and ensure they receive the care they need to thrive,” said Mary L. Wilson, M.D., president and executive medical director of The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, which provides care exclusively to Kaiser Permanente members. “We’ve already begun virtual office visits. Now, with our mobile health vehicle, our members can step out of the office and into our exam room within minutes. It’s a win-win for employees, who want to maintain their health, and employers who benefit from the increased productivity and lower health care costs associated with a healthier workforce.”


For more information about the Kaiser Permanente Mobile Health Vehicle, please contact Laura Bone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Dr. David Jones Named "Healthcare Worker of the Year" in Lithonia

David Jones, MD, TSPMG managing physician of the Kaiser Permanente Panola and Stonecrest medical offices, was chosen as "Healthcare Worker of the Year" by the Greater Lithonia Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Jones was recognized for both his professional and community contributions to the area.

"Being recognized by the Chamber is a great honor," said Dr. Jones. "However, it is important to note that this is really a recognition of all the staff at Panola and Stonecrest, as well as Kaiser Permanente's overall commitment to our communities."

One of the faces of the Region's current advertising campaign, "Doctors +," Dr. Jones has practiced pediatric medicine since completing his residency at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in 1999. In addition to patient care and his administrative duties at Panola and Stonecrest, Dr. Jones is a member of the organization's pharmacy and therapeutics committee, regional co-chair of the KPGA Employee Association, and a member of the Kaiser Permanente weight management initiative.

In the Lithonia area, Dr. Jones has participated in health fairs at schools and businesses, as well as career days in middle schools.

"The election of Dr. Jones is a clear recognition of Kaiser Permanente's glowing reputation in the Lithonia community and surrounding areas," said KP manager of sales and account management Greg Williams, whose presence as a board member of the Greater Lithonia Chamber of Commerce ensured that Kaiser Permanente could propose a representative of the organization for the award.

The "Healthcare Worker of the Year" award was handed out to Dr. Jones during the Chamber's holiday luncheon on December 8. During the event, the Greater Lithonia Chamber also recognized a Police Officer of the Year, Fireman of the Year, Teacher of the Year and Student of the Year.

"I have been fortunate to be a part of this community for 10 years and have seen it develop and grow. The families we see at Panola and Stonecrest represent the heart of this community, and I learn so much from them everyday. I am glad to play a part in helping them stay healthy and help the community thrive," concluded Dr. Jones.



March 24, 2011

Three TSPMG Physicians Go on Medical Mission to Haiti

From left to right: Scott Pugel, MD, Jaime Pham, MD and
Jim Toth, MD, at the Whitney Clinic in Hinche, Haiti.

One of TSPMG's newest physicians has had a long commitment to serve the people of Haiti through medical mission trips to the besieged island nation. Jim Toth, MD, who serves at the Sugar Hill-Buford Medical Office as a primary care physician, has visited Haiti every year for the past 11 years. During his trips, Dr. Toth helped set up the Whitney Clinic, a year-round care facility in the heart of that country.

In a bit of irony, Dr. Toth's hiring happened because of his successful efforts to ask other physicians to join him in Haiti. “He recruited me to go with him a decade ago,” says Scott Pugel, MD, Managing Physician at the Gwinnett Medical Office. “I was able to recruit him to join TSPMG last year.”

At the end of February, Drs. Toth and Pugel visited Haiti one more time, this time joined by Jaime Pham, MD, a pediatrician at Gwinnett, along with other physicians and dentists. They returned to the Whitney Clinic in Hinche, a town 40 miles north of Port-au-Prince, and checked in on patients, providing free primary, pediatric and dental care for a week, eventually serving more than 1,300 Haitians.

For a unique look at this medical mission trip, below are extracts from e-mail updates written by Dr. Toth's wife, Catherine.

Monday, Feb. 21:

"There are several ‘good things’ this year: The roads were nice and smooth; they are starting to put in power-lines—which means lights are coming!  This will allow for travel at night at some point in the future.

"[This year, the clinic area has] new paint, new lights and  working fans, oh my!  VERY NICE!!  [It] will be much more comfortable!

"Scott Pugel and Jaime Pham saw an 8-day old brought in with jaundice and dehydration.  The first picture I got, it looked like a doll it was so tiny!  Then I got the whole story with an up close picture.  The baby has a cleft lip and palate... [causing] a nutrition/feeding issue."

Tuesday, Feb. 22:

"The little girl with the cleft palate came back today and is already looking better now that feeding is being done correctly.  I gave them the info on Operation Smile, so hopefully she can be put on their list for the next time they are in town."

Wednesday, Feb. 23:

"Today was a tough day all around.  They actually saw less patients by the numbers today (183 medical and 83 teeth pulled by dental), but they were MUCH sicker. This is a typical pattern for the middle of the week; tomorrow will probably be the same if not worse."

Thursday, Feb. 24:

"At first, Jim texted that they saw 209 patients on the medical side and 42 patients in dental with 54 extractions.  That seemed about right, when compared to the rest of the week.  Then I got a text telling me 'Ooops, I made a mistake! Medical saw 290, as in ten short of 300!'  (Now first of all, his mother always told him, NO ONE wants to hear their doctor say ‘Ooops!’), but this was a big difference!

"[Today, another member of the team] purchased 80 lbs. of rice and beans in the market and by 6 pm it was all gone.  Rice and beans??  Evidently they don’t just hand out medicine in the pharmacy, especially if it needs to be taken with food!  SO you get your prescription filled and a bag of rice and beans as well.

"We talked briefly about all the sad patient stories from yesterday as well as several from today.  There are more sad stories than most people realize.  The team will still interact with dignity in the face of death, the patients deserve that.  Too often they are told to go to Cange [another medical facility] and they can be made better or that an expensive treatment will cure them.  We have to tell the truth, there is nothing that can be done; we will work with you and your family so that you will be comfortable and your pain will be controlled."

Friday, Feb. 25:

"Some final numbers:  Medical saw a total for the week of 1,112 and Dental 225.  They purchased 1,300 lbs of beans and rice to hand out to over 144 people.  They averaged 7 lbs. of rice and 2.25 lbs. of pinto beans per person.  I asked when we started to give out food in the pharmacy and he told me a couple of years ago.  People would come in complaining of belly pain, but there was no medicine necessary.  It was hunger.  They don’t give food to everyone, only the very poor.

"That’s it for this year.  They get up at 5 am tomorrow, mass is at 6 am and they plan to be on the road to [Port au Prince] by 7:30 am.... Goodnight!"