The Southeast Permanente Medical Group

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group is an integral part of Kaiser Permanente. Our physicians can coordinate virtually every aspect of patient care - from referrals to laboratory tests to medications. With everything under one umbrella, our patients receive the highest continuity of care.


Kaiser Permanente
Panola Medical Center

5440 Hillandale Drive
Lithonia, GA 30058

(770) 322-2777

Located at Panola Road and Hillandale Drive


For hours and directions, please visit

Services provided at Panola:
Adult Medicine, Laboratory, Nephrology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine, Pharmacy, Routine Mammography, X-ray
Adult Medicine
Daniel C. Lopez, MD Karlene M Hart, MD Dawne Hood, MD Faye Riley, MD Valens Plummer, MD
Jayne Andrade, CNP Sarandeep Makkar, MD      
Khaled Mohamed, MD Rosemary Muoneke, MD      
Missy Holden Barber, CNM Marisa Chavez, MD Rahul Joshi, MD    
Sherennah Herring James, CNM Charles Madden, MD      
Sandra Armstead, MD Charmaine Gray, MD Claude Gauthier, MD Madhuri Basavaraju, MD Susan Reines, MD
Kecia Jackson, MD