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The Southeast Permanente Medical Group is an integral part of Kaiser Permanente. Our physicians can coordinate virtually every aspect of patient care - from referrals to laboratory tests to medications. With everything under one umbrella, our patients receive the highest continuity of care.

April 12, 2011

TSPMG Clinicians Receive Golden Stethoscope Award

Tom Steimer, MD
Jessica Morse, MD
Mary Clauson, CNP

Three Southeast Permanente Medical Group (TSPMG) clinicians recently received the “Golden Stethoscope” Award in recognition of their hard work and care they provide for Kaiser Permanente of Georgia members.

The “Golden Stethoscope” award recognizes clinicians who have demonstrated leadership and gone above and beyond their daily responsibilities. Recipients are nominated by their peers and the awards are presented quarterly.

Mary Clauson, CNP, Jessica Morse, MD, and Tom Steimer, MD, were presented with the award at the recent TSPMG business meeting.

Tom Steimer, MD – Gwinnett Medical Office, Pediatrics: As a Lead-MD at the Gwinnett Medical Office, Dr. Steimer is always busy. But coworker Mark Moncino, MD says that never stops Dr. Steimer from helping others. “He has gone above and beyond too many times to count,” said Dr. Moncino. In addition to his regular task of providing superior care for KP members, Dr. Steimer opens up his schedule when the office is short-handed and travels to other KP offices when they are need – often giving up his admin time. Dr. Monicino says that despite his busy schedule, Dr. Steimer is always organized, completes his work and does it with a smile.

Jessica Morse, MD – Hospitalist, Piedmont Hospital: As a new member of TSPMG, Dr. Morse quickly discovered how important teamwork and planning is with in the medical group. It was that insight that earned Dr. Morse a Golden Stethoscope award. When the forecast called for a major ice and snowstorm, she had the insight to plan ahead. Knowing that she was scheduled to work but her child’s day care would be closed, Dr. Morse drove her child to South Carolina to stay with her parents. “She did not miss a single day of work,” said Martha Wilber, MD, who nominated Dr. Morse. “But she did miss her handsome 2-year-old for the whole week that he was gone.”

Mary Clauson, CNP – Glenlake Medical Center, Pain Management: Care and compassion is important part of the work within TSPMG.  When Mary went above beyond to care for Verna Drake, not only was she taking care of a Kaiser Permanente member, she was also looking after a colleague. After visiting with Mary in her office, Verna said that in addition to taking time to listen to her concerns she did something even more important – she exemplified respect. “I left that appointment feeling more hopeful about the symptoms and treatment of my condition,” said Verna.