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Kaiser Permanente TownPark ACC/CDU Garners Rave Reviews

The Kaiser Permanente TownPark Advanced Care Center / Clinical Decision Unit (ACC/CDU) in Kennesaw is garnering rave reviews from members across the Atlanta area.

Since it opened on May 1, more than 2,700 Kaiser Permanente members have been treated in the ACC. Approximately 170 were transferred to the CDU for additional treatment or testing and 3.3% were moved to other facilities.

The center has seen a wide variety of conditions, from low acuity cuts and scratches to more serious conditions such as congestive heart failure, cardiac arrythmia, stroke, pneumonia, and specialty cases including ENT, gynecology and others.

“The ACC/CDU is filling the niche it was designed to address – conditions that are a little too much for an Urgent Care center, but that don’t need a full emergency room,” said Peter King, MD, Physician Director of Acute Care Services. “Also, being able to treat members in our CDU has prevented hospital admission for about 20 patients each week.”

According to the ACC/CDU staff, Kaiser Permanente members appreciate that they receive such fast, high-quality care from KP clinicians and staff. Members who previously visited an outside ER say they are most impressed by the friendliness and efficiency of the TownPark team.

One member was especially impressed that the ACC staff could access their full medical record in KP HealthConnect.

“Normally, I would have spent many hours waiting in the ER, just to see a doctor who doesn’t know anything about me. Here, they know who I am because all of my records are online, and they treat me like family.”

The ability to quickly access patient records for members who visit the ACC is a significant benefit for the health care team.

“Having their information in KP HealthConnect helps us improve patient care,” said Larry Bartel, MD, lead CDU physician. “Patients appreciate not having to repeat all of their information and fill out forms, and they are diagnosed more accurately and treated faster than if they were in a non-KP facility. It makes a real difference in their overall experience.”

Members of the TownPark staff, most of whom joined KP after extensive experience in Kaiser Permanente urgent care operations and outside Emergency Rooms, say that the facility exceeds their expectations. According to Dr. King and Alison Wiebe, senior director of the ACC/CDU, workforce satisfaction is very high in spite of the predicted stresses of opening a new unit.  As word spreads in the medical community, nurses and physicians are inquiring about employment opportunities.

“It’s such a wonderful facility, clearly designed to assist us in delivering high-quality care,” said Wendy Cox, RN ACC/CDU supervisor. “It’s so bright and open and welcoming, unlike many emergency rooms or urgent care centers. The environment makes such a difference in how patients feel about their care, and this is a home run.”